Are you paying unexplained fees too?

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Are you paying unexplained fees too?

To find out:

• Download the Transaction Log from the IG control panel.

• take the columns OpenLevel,CloseLevel,Size,PLAmount

Then calculate:

• Return=(CloseLevel-OpenLevel) / OpenLevel * SIGN(Size)

• ExpectedPLAmount = Return * Leverage

• UnexplainedFees = ExpectedPLAmount - PLAmount

For me UnexplainedFees are non zero! They amount to about 0.5% of each trade.

I can't explain fees with:

• Rollover Costs, because I do only intraday trading.

• Slippage, because the fields OpenLevel and CloseLevel from the transaction log, already include slippage.

What is the reason?

Umm, this is a bit of a worry

Umm, this is a bit of a worry. Did you figure it out?

I just checked my numbers for

I just checked my numbers for a demo account and everything looked fine.

Also worth logging the price at the time when your order was triggered and comparing that with the fill price. I trade marketable orders so expect to be filled at the prevailing bid/ask (on average). I plan on comparing the IG fill values with 1) the bid/offer IG were showing me immediately before my order went in, and 2) the "fair" bid/offer for the equivalent product on the exchange.

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