How can I automatically import and update data in Excel?

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How can I automatically import and update data in Excel?

Hello Everyone,

I am a systematic trend-following trader using foreign exchange pairs.

All of my systems development work is in Excel.

I am seeking to take live data from either IG’s API (IG Labs) or MT4/5 and import it into Excel and I would like this to be an automatic process.

The data imported into an Excel worksheet could be any user-definable periodicity, for example, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 1 hour. Thus, a spreadsheet could contain (as an example), three worksheets, with Worksheet 1 containing 1 minute data, Worksheet 2 containing 5 minute data and Worksheet 3 containing hourly data.

Each worksheet would contain the last (as an example) 6 months’ worth of data for each of the three time frames – data should be “flushed” automatically.

I would like each of these worksheets to update automatically. Data should update automatically on a row-by-row basis with all system calculations in each row also updating automatically. System calculations (ie. formulae) should be able to be changed on an ongoing basis, with additional columns (containing formulae) also able to be added.

I am not a programmer and the technical skills required to achieve the above are beyond my ability.

Can anyone assist me in this matter?

I welcome all positive input. Many thanks.