Error in Demo Streaming companion

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Error in Demo Streaming companion

It returns OPU for working order.
I then tried the same thing on live Streaming companion it seems OK.

I can confirm this issue is

I can confirm this issue is now apparent in both Live and Demo environments (double checked via the companion app)
WOU just don't exist...

Confirmed from my testing

Confirmed from my testing today: I get CONFIRM and OPU messages despite the position being entered via a working order. Not quite sure how to proceed without comment from IG...

I have been chasing this with

I have been chasing this with IG support for several weeks now (under support ID INC0196227)
Feel free to email and chase them up... clearly the API is very low priority :/

Being broken on DEMO environment is one thing I could understand, but being broken on the LIVE environment like it is... is unforgivable when real money is involved!

Streaming from C# console


I can't find an example anywhere of a C# console application to receive streaming quotes.
I'm a bit lost with the code for connection to Lightstreamer, sending request and receiving data.
Obviously, I've been through the examples both on IG and Lightstreamer websites and I've dne my research on Google, stackoverflow, etc. but unsucessfully...

Any help would be much appreciated

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