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Hosting the API

Hi all,

Just thought I'd ask the question of anyone for open discussion. I've developed a basic javascript api, which interfaces with a local html file. It seems to work on my Mac and execute trades. I'd like to run my api indefinitely (set and forget) in a secure manner. The strategy executes trades each day in a time based manner. How would you guys suggest doing this? Would you load it on AWS and convert to node js?

- How have you hosted your API?
- What's the safest, most efficient and most secure way of doing so?

I'm not the most fluent programmer/ web developer, so any feedback on your experience would be welcome.

Thanks for your help. Cheers. LB :)


I am a professional developer, albeit not one who makes much use of JS. I use Heroku for all my hosting since it's very simple to use.

Another tip: Javascript is not a particularly "safe" language ("safe" in this case means that it is prone to runtime errors - perfectly normal in terms of programs, but a potential disaster for an automated trading app methinks). You might like to try out elm as an alternative, which also compiles to the browser but is much safer. You'd still have to run it from your computer but if you like it, then you can move on to another Functional language like Clojure or Haskell which provide similar levels of safety but can be run from a server.

I start building a robot with

I start building a robot with Python, hosted on a dedicated unix server, but a virtual one would be ok. I selected this language because it's clean and easy, and has a lot of nice libraries (like pandas).

My problem here is that lightstreamer has no complete Python client. If you want to use the streaming API you'll be glad to use the JavaSE client. You'll see here : that there is also a MacOS client, if you can afford a MacOS server, and know how to interface this client with your script, it may be your way.


Sorry to resurrect an old thread - but I have been looking into exactly the same problem: 'can we/should we' host a trading program in a cloud setting rather than on premises.

I too looked at Heroku but their T&Cs specifically prohibit gambling content. Do you have any problems trading from there?

I have a similar concern with AWS since they are inherently an American company (and America has ridiculous anto-gambling laws).

Can anyone recommend a UK (or possibly EU) hosting VPS service which is suitable?



There is not really any restriction on how/where you host anything built using the API.

I personally would host on Microsoft Azure. They have datacentres in the UK (as well as several other European locations); you can host on a VM or use one of their PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings such as WebJobs to run a scalable, resilient solution.

(no ties to Azure, just a happy customer).



I'm not sure if a trading app would transgress the Heroku guidelines on gambling. It may be that they are referring to online gambling apps.

You can try Amazon Web Services. I haven't used Azure so I can't comment on that, but AWS also has UK data centres and is one of the market leaders in this field.

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