retrieving various technical indicators via the REST API

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retrieving various technical indicators via the REST API

Is there a way to access the data from the technical indicators for a given instrument via the REST API?

E.g if i wanted to know the Moving Average value for GBP/USD on a given date, is there a way to get that?

I can't see any documented

I can't see any documented way to do this. I'm resorting to downloading chart data and feeding it to TA-lib (

Only raw data

As far as I know IG only provides the raw historical price data (including volume) on specified time scale (from 1S to 1D). My methods are similar to tipper, fetching raw data and use the ta-library for calculating the indicators.

Doesn't make much sense for IG to provide technical indicator data, as they would have to store a huge amount of extra data as all indicators have 1 or more tweakable parameters (for instance signal length).

how to evaluate indicators constantly

Since you can download only a limited amount of historical data per week, how did you solve the problem?

It depends on what you need.

It depends on what you need.

From IG you get 10000 data points per week. If your are trading daily bars this is enough for the most indicators. Then I usually don't use IG's data for backtesting but only for actual trading. If I need data for backtesting or similar I usually download it from other sources like for example Quandl or Alpha Vantage.

... besides I created a

... besides I created a database on my own computer so I don't have to retrieve the same data over and over again.

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