Creating multiple API keys - share your views

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Creating multiple API keys - share your views

Hi all

Since launching the API, we've seen great uptake of the service, and a trend we've noticed is the large number of API keys that have been created.

We currently don't limit the number of API keys you can create from your account, however this is something we're considering, due to the sheer number that have been created so far.

But before limiting this, we'd like to ask you in the community: if you create multiple keys, what are your reasons for doing so?

We'd greatly appreciate your comments if you find creating multiple keys useful, as this will help inform our decision.


Hi Chris

Hi Chris

A quick comment from someone who hasn't generated lots of keys. I've made two keys each for a few accounts and have never needed more. Somewhere in the T&C's is says one should use a different key for each different app, I'm only developing one so I don't see the need. I'd be interested to know what the use case is for many keys.


Mainly to "bypass" the REST

Mainly to "bypass" the REST limit request per minute.

I have several programs doing trading and non trading REST request.
The only way to go further and to reach the quota is to split with several keys.

hi chris,

hi chris,

i have created multiple keys that i don't use for old projects
but as far as i know, there is no way to delete them ourselves, just deactivate them

ps :
off topic, but it is very frustrating not to be able to trade stocks (ex: renault or total) via the api
even with paying a small streaming price fee :-(

I need multiple apikeys

I need multiple apikeys because I design my system to use multiple processes. This can reduce the possibility that defect in one module crashed the whole system.

I haven't created multiple

I haven't created multiple keys yet, but I definitely see a need for this going forward.
The main reason being the REST limit request per minute.
Running multiple multi asset strategies quickly exceeds the current quota.

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