Problems using javascript sdk

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Problems using javascript sdk


I'm Sauro Cesaretti, a web/software developer and I'm trying to develop an app, in particular a web app to work with trading.
I'd like to develop a web app because of accessibility reasons since I'm blind and I have to use it with a screen reader and at the moment it is the best uster interface.
I know very well that web is not very good for trading software but I hope that I can build something that works properly.
In particular, in this post I'd like to ask how to set the real account.
I tried to modify the file ig-public-api.js changing the line but nothing changed.
The strange thing is that the app will not give any error message when I press login button.
Just for information, I tried my credentials with api key in the companion app and it works.
Since I have problem reading the java console in the web browser, I modified console.log with document.write so that I can see the results directly on the web page.
is it correct?
Thank you very much in advance for your support


Hi Sauro,

I am pleasantly surprised that you can read and develop code with blindness, keep it up!

You may have a problem with your api key. Did you generate another api key for real environment? Also remember that real environment has a different username and password.

I noticed that the script at ig-public-api.js is not showing http errors before login. You can move the call to showTradingPane() at line 954 to line 951, before the if(), just like this:

$('#loginButton').click(function () {
if (login()) {


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