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Automate My Strategy

Hi All,

I am looking to automate my strategy. Would anyone be interesting in investigating it with me? I am prepared to pay.



Hi wellseytkd,

How do you want people to bid for your project?
Fixed payment at milestones, half of milestone quote up front?


I don't know if it's just me,

I don't know if it's just me, but I can't private message you on this forum...

Automate My Strategy


We are more than happy to help and automate it for you

I will give you a background on list of things you can automate:

1. Open a position

2. Close a position

3. Update a position

4. Do a trailing stop

5. Write an logic to automate the strategy that will open/close/update/trail stop position for you.

6. Capture each tick (Live data) and store it so that you can analyse it later.

7. Write Logic that will analyse the historica data and help you decide on the winning strategy for each index.

8. Control all the parameters or numbers using a configuration file. All you need to do is change the numbers in a property file.

9. Get a personalised email when a position is opened or updated or closed.

10. Implement a threshold logic that will close the application for a day if your loss exceeds youre specified limit.

11. User Manual that will guide you through how to start, stop, change numbers in a properties file and diagnose a problem.

12. Application Support.

If you want to know more about it, you can send us an email at




Did you end up automating your strategy?

Software Development Proposal


I would like to offer my services as a developer to help you build an automated trading system.

I am based in London and am a highly experienced developer with over 10 years financial trading systems development experience. I am currently working (in my spare time) with a client building a machine learning trading system (interfacing to Bloomberg) as well as working on a system interfacing to the IG Index API using .net C#.

In the first instance I can provide a quotation for my services based on either a fixed price or hourly rate for development. A fixed price quote will require a detailed explanation of your requirements.

Andrew Sinclair


Hi, I am an experienced C# developer with over 15 years experience in software integration. I have done a lot of integrations with IG and therefore I have a framework suited for almost everything. Contact me with details if you need any customization or need.
Write me at


I have a few automated strategies I currently use on PRT - will it be possible to use it on this platform and are there coders that can re-code them for use on here?

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