Community Guidelines for IG Labs

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Community Guidelines for IG Labs

The IG Labs Community is a place for developers to seek help, share knowledge, and contribute ideas around using IG’s APIs. Our hope for the Community is to create the best possible resource for developers. To help us achieve this, there’s some basic guidelines you should follow:

  1. As a reminder - the Participation Agreement you have agreed to during community registration includes a section entitled ‘Community Users - User Conduct’. You can review this at any time here.
  2. Please respect each other’s opinions and be polite.
  3. We encourage you to engage each other in discussion related to our APIs, so please feel free to ask each other questions, make comments and reply to one another when appropriate.
  4. Please keep things on topic. For questions regarding your IG account, please contact us directly.
  5. Please use a community screen name/first name (no surnames).
  6. Please don't post in ALL CAPS or multiple colours.
  7. Please don't give away specific personal details that make it easy for others to identify you in real life (such as your own specific business names/addresses/sites).

If you have any questions regarding the above – please feel free to reply to this post.