Help Needed to Create an API

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Help Needed to Create an API

I'm looking for someone to create an API or app that I can use for trading, or at least point me in the direction of someone who can help.
I don't know enough about programming to do this myself.

I normally trade the break of a bar, usually a 3 min bar but sometimes a 5min one.

All I want the thing to do is place an order when I click on a button.
For example, if I was going long it would place an order to buy a certain distance above the last bar, and a stop loss order below the bar, plus place a limit order to take profit. The size of the order would be a percentage of my account size. Once the order is on then I would manage it manually.

I'm thinking that something based on a spreadsheet would be best. If its not possible for it to know what the last bar size was, I'm happy to enter this myself at the time of placing the order, and for it just to work out position size and place the orders.

Sometimes when the market is moving fast its difficult to do all this manually quick enough, and it means I miss some good setups.



Hi John,

Hi John,

We've got quite a lot of experience with the IG API and do custom apps on occasion. You can email my boss on or give him a call on 01295 722877



Hi, I am an experienced C# developer with over 15 years experience in software integration. I have done a lot of integrations with IG and therefore I have a framework suited for almost everything. Contact me with details if you need any customization or need.
Write me at

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